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The RES Policy Monitoring Database is a project funded by the European Climate Foundation (ECF). It aims at supporting the rollout of wind and PV technologies across the EU in order to reach the decarbonisation of the electricity sector by 2035. To this end, the RES Policy Monitoring Database provides a catalogue of barriers and best practices identified in the EU Member States that respectively hinder or enhance the deployment of wind and PV technologies. The barriers and best practices are accessible through targeted research either by country, by technology or by category (i.e. topic). Each barrier and best practice has its own profile providing a set of information including a description and the technologies affected. The country summary allows for a qualitative overview of the barrier situation in a given country thanks to a so-called “barrier index”, combining the severity (i.e. how critical is the issue for a RES installation) and the spread (i.e. how critical is the issue for a RES installation) of a barrier. In addition, a section on key findings compares the barrier indexes of all EU Member States on a heat map.


eclareon is an internationally operating consulting firm focused on renewable energy, climate policies and energy efficiency. eclareon’s regular customers include national ministries, national development agencies, development banks, the European Commission, energy agencies, industry associations, foundations as well as project developers of renewable energy systems.

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