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Lack of information about available capacities in Bulgaria

Last update: 2022-01-07

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Grid regulation and infrastructure

Predictability / transparency of connection procedure

The TSO Electricity System Operator (ESO) refuses to disclose information about the available network capacities by region. This puts future investors at a disadvantage. Investors may purchase a suitable plot of land and spend time to prepare all of the necessary paperwork, only to wait for a confirmation by ESO on whether the location has available capacities. The waiting times may be quite long and if the ESO rejects the location, the whole process must be restarted. This trial-and-error method can become rather costly and time-consuming. If ESO made available an electronic map which updates with the currently available capacities by location, this would contribute to many more successful RES-E projects, as well as a more even distribution of installations.

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Affected technologies

This online database provides information on barriers and best practices for wind onshore, wind offshore, PV rooftop and PV ground-mounted technologies.

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Solar power

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Competent authorities

For Lack of information about available capacities

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Електроенергиен Системен ОператорElectricity System OperatorVisit

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