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Limited space for PV with lack of public support in Switzerland

Last update: 2022-06-17

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Public perception of RES and lack of information

Due to the limited space available in Switzerland, the focus of the PV sector lies on rooftop PV systems. Many Associations support this focus as it is feared that the currently positive public perception of PV would change drastically if GMPV plants would be installed. As the general public regards space as a particularly limited good in Switzerland, it is believed by the Federal Office of Energy and PV Associations that PV would increasingly be perceived as unnecessarily taking precious space away (with an organized opposition similar to the wind energy situation rising) and would therefore jeopardize the current positive attitude towards the technology. In contrast, rooftop PV as well as PV installed on already existing infrastructure like dams is regarded as a solution that prevents the worsening of the Swiss space limitations.        

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