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Lack of training in the installation sector in Spain

Last update: 2022-02-13

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Due to the immaturity of some technologies (small wind, geothermal, marine) there is a lack of training and a lack of trust regarding these technologies.

The barrier is still relevant, however, it has to be mentioned that the National and Energy Climate Plan (NECP 2020) accounts for the lack of training issue and proposes to overcome it articulating education strategies with local governments, autonomous communities and the private sector. The NECP points out the need of determining the professional profiles required throughout the value chain for the RE technologies in general, and also drawing the attention of future professionals and talents to the job opportunities offered by the energy transition. These measures are still not implemented, so the barrier remains relevant.

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This online database provides information on barriers and best practices for wind onshore, wind offshore, PV rooftop and PV ground-mounted technologies.

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For Lack of training in the installation sector

Authority (Original name) Authority (English) Link
Ministerio para la Transición EcológicaMinistry for the Ecological TransitionVisit

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