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Limitations in access to the grid in Hungary

Last update: 2021-10-13

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Grid regulation and infrastructure

Transparent and foreseeable grid development

Grid infrastructure has and will continue to pose a bottleneck for renewable diffusion. Currently, this is one of the largest barriers to further diffusion and the situation may further deteriorate in the future. The issue is two-fold: administrative and technical.The administrative issue is that developers have booked the grid connection capacities for a number of projects that are unlikely to be realised or face substantial delays. This impedes the ability of other projects to connect to the grid. The technical dimension is the outright saturation of the grid. Hungary has not reached this point yet, but there are regions where investors cannot plan further projects due to such limitations. There are no concrete plans for the expansion of the electricity grid. In fact, the electricity grid's development is not a particularly attractive investment for DSOs, because they are not allowed to pass certain costs onto consumers. The matter has been acknowledged and is being addressed by the relevant ministries, since the saturation of the grid's capacity utilisation has become evident.

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Affected technologies

This online database provides information on barriers and best practices for wind onshore, wind offshore, PV rooftop and PV ground-mounted technologies.

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