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Generally low renewable energy potential in Malta

Last update: 2022-02-13

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Lack of resources for natural and economic reasons

The potential for most renewable energy technologies is comparatively low in Malta due to the geographical preconditions of being a small island country. In detail, there are no indications that Malta has any significant potential for geothermal energy. As the altitudes are very low, there is also no potential for hydropower. The conditions for offshore wind power are weak as most of the coastal zones of Malta have a depth of more than 100 meters. As most technologies today require a maximum depth of 40 meters, it would be very expensive to install wind turbines. Regarding onshore wind and larger PV installations, the lack of space due to the fact that Malta is the most densely populated country in Europe leads to a low potential.

The space limitation also impacts the costs of ground-mounted photovoltaic, as one has to integrate the cost of land which is high.

The Institute for Sustainable Energy at the University of Malta is currently doing research into floating PV systems in the open sea, as a solution for the lack of space, as well as algae and using the sea as energy storage (storing compressed air near floating PV panels).

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